Work Wisely.

Work Wisely. Have Fun.

Work Wisely. Have Fun. Make History.

My name is
Robert Holtz

I am a Business Strategy Advisor, Branding Specialist, and Process Management Expert.

I help people and companies get from good to GREAT.

My clients have included the biggest and best companies in the world such as Amazon, Apple Inc., Autodesk, Coca-Cola, Dimension, Entermeta, First Data, General Motors, Gordon Ramsay, Johnny Walker, Hilton Hotels, IBM, Kaku Media, Microsoft, Netscape, Playboy, SONY, Toyota, Twitter, and The Walt Disney Company. I've raised over $200 million for clients and over $30 million on my own endeavors.

I have acquired a dozen companies directly and been involved in the mergers and acquisitions of over 40 companies. I've also managed private companies, public companies, handled turnaround scenarios, and led major change initiatives.

Today, I primarily divide my time looking after certain business and intellectual property interests of famed physicist/futurist Dr. Michio Kaku and providing advisory services to public figures, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

What People Say About Robert Holtz

"Robert's credentials alone set him apart from even the most accomplished entrepreneur. I worked with Robert on strategy for a worldwide digital rights licensing initiative and found his grasp of the topic and forward thinking exciting and relevant in the ever changing arena of digital rights licensing. Creative, innovative, agile and aggressive, Robert has what it takes to determine the viability of new business models and the strength and acumen to bring new online and mobile ventures to market. I found him unique, a sort of Renaissance man in his combination of personal, spiritual and professional excellence."

- Rick Riccobonno, Digital Rights Licensing and Business Model Strategies at New Media Law

"It's difficult to describe his wealth of knowledge and visionary leadership in a short recommendation. Robert Holtz is simply one of smartest people I've ever worked with and has become the master of so many disciplines it's almost laughable. One wonders how he could be so good at so many things and still find time to sleep. Whatever your needs - technology, finance, marketing, sales, communication - chances are Robert will have already studied and assimilated the science and art of the discipline and will have dazzling and creative solutions to make your company better and more successful. I've known and worked with him numerous times over more than 20 years and have always found him to be brilliant, creative, and accomplished, and doing it all with a great sense of humor."

- Shadoe Stevens, The Voice of The Antenna TV Network and Craig Ferguson SIRIUSXM Comedy Greats

"Robert is probably one of the most multi-talented, extraordinary human beings I've ever met. It's rare to find the sorts of valuable qualities that Robert possesses all rolled into one man. He is living proof that it is possible to operate from both macro and micro points of view. He is extremely detailed orientated but is also easily able to see and focus on the big picture and to take the necessary steps towards achieving goals. His communication skills and mastery of the written word make him an extremely valuable asset to our organization as he's demonstrated in the drawing up of a professional Executive Summary and his negotiation with key players. Robert is well versed with all the latest technology and I regularly turn to him when I need help in this area. There is so much more that I could say about Robert because he is so multi-faceted and talented in so many areas."

- Chanti Niven, Founder/CEO, Chanti Niven International, Captivating Speakers

"Having known Robert for over thirty years, it is difficult to summarise the man in a short paragraph and do him justice. He is, without doubt, a true entrepreneur and visionary with a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple disciplines. From a technology standpoint, I do not know, nor have I met anyone who possesses such a depth of understanding and vision, yet able to communicate with such clarity. A man of integrity that I trust both personally and professionally and a man whose opinion I respect and have often sought. What is also refreshing is Robert's sense of humour and razor-sharp wit. As a Brit, this is very welcome and admired among our American cousins. Robert is a thoroughly decent human being... brilliant, creative and definitely ahead of the curve and a man I am proud to have as a friend. It is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend Robert as I know he will apply himself to any task with an unequalled excellence."

- David J. Naughton, Private Client Advisor, ACS International Luxembourg

"Robert Holtz possesses one of the strongest combinations of heart and mind that I've had the privilege of knowing. Having envisioned and founded numerous companies and creative projects, Robert has served in all aspects of management, at all levels, with integrity. His knowledge base across multiple sectors is staggering as is his creative eye. I've had the opportunity to see Robert in action professionally and found him quite impressive. That said, I most appreciated his actions during times of adversity. He has always maintained the highest standard of human decency and therefore garners tremendous respect from me."

- Mark Laisure, CEO, VORTEX Immersion Media

"I’ve known Robert Holtz for over twenty years, both professionally and personally.  He has advised and helped me through many things over the years: everything from running a company to consulting about a lawsuit.  I will be succinct.  If you need help in any area of business, and I mean ANY area, Robert is the person to contact."

- Lawrence Panik, CEO, Dimension, Inc.

Robert Holtz

With Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA™

With Dr. Michio Kaku

Work Wisely.

Pledge to be demanding of yourself; to channel your efforts on worthy causes and actively advance your personal best. When opportunities emerge, apply the necessary effort and sustained concentration of energy and attention to manifest truly great things.

Have Fun.

Be deeply passionate about what you do. Pursue interesting projects and work with dynamic and creative people as often as possible. Remind yourself that life balance cannot be achieved if one fails to enjoy the awesome splendor of the human experience along the way. This sense of perspective of our role in the universe gives meaning and context to everything we do.

Make History.

Be attracted to the unprecedented. It gives us a stage to push the limits and leave our mark on the world. Every great idea was born from the unknown. Challenge yourself to shake up conventional thinking and show the world a better way.